Staff On-Boarding & Management System

Every three years Independent Election Services run Local Government Elections for their council clients and each time they need to employ a large number of extra staff to help with this project. For the 2022 elections, they engaged JOYN to assist with recruiting the large number of Vote Processing staff required to sort, batch, scrutinise, extract, scan and process the votes cast. The requirement for SHS was to build a Team Management System that integrated with JOYN’s ATS. Staff recruited by JOYN would be sent into this TMS where they could be on-boarded digitally, assigned to teams, attendance and performance managed, and paid for work completed.

Our Solution

We built a Team Management System that flowed seamlessly on from JOYN’s recruitment processes by connecting to their ATS. Successful candidates were sent through to automated background checking via CheckMate and, once completed, automatically sent employment contracts covering the project, along with an availability questionnaire. Once the contract was signed, the system gathered IRD and payroll data, pushing the personal data into the TMS, and payroll and banking data into iPayroll.

Photo of workers looking at the Team Management System set up for the local election vote processing

While the vote processing period was underway the VP Team Manager could utilise the TMS to communicate and coordinate workers, assign shifts, manage attendance and performance, and record notes. Two payrolls were then run over the course of the project, with 100% payroll accuracy achieved.


  • Hosting: AWS - EC2
  • Backend: LAMP technology stack
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Integrations: CheckMate, iPayroll, JOYN
Black and white photo of Craig Taylor smiling

"We have worked with JOYN for a number of years now, and most recently on a large-scale project. The systems and IT infrastructure they put in place to manage contractors, workflow, and the backend admin responsibilities were amazing. While we didn’t have a hands-on role with the systems, we viewed it all in action and all I can say is that Jon and the team were well advanced with their planning, ideas and implementation, making all of our jobs seemingly effortless and refined."

Craig Taylor, Business Manager, Independent Election Services Ltd