Speed-Interview Event Management Platform

ACCESS is a quarterly event hosted by recruitment agency Rice Consulting whereby 10 clients can meet 10 candidates for a series of 7-minute speed interviews. The requirement was to design and develop an event management dashboard integrated with the recruitment CRM. Candidates were to be invited via the CRM, pushed into the event dashboard, with their profiles displayed to clients on the day of the event, showing information such as CV, video screening, salary expectations and right to work. Invited candidates would also access an attendee dashboard displaying information on the interviewer and potential employer.

Using the event dashboard, clients and candidates can ‘rate’ each other after each speed-interview, using sentiment emojis, and creating a real time ‘leaderboard’ displaying numbers of successful matches between clients and candidates while the event is in progress.

Finally, this data would need to be sent back into the recruitment CRM, so candidates can be managed through the interview process post-event.

Our Solution

CRM Customisation

We customised the CRM so it would talk to the ACCESS platform, enabling attendees to be invited to the event and, once accepted, pushed into the management platform. Post-event, successful candidates are pushed back to the CRM with their sentiment emoji ‘matches’ visible, and managed through the ensuing interview and recruitment process. To complete the recruitment cycle we integrated the CRM with SEEK, TradeMe, MyInterview, Slack and Xero.

Photo of Sean looking at the event dashboard for ACCESS, showing what ratings candidates and employers had given each other

Event Dashboard Development

Designed to provide interviewers with a clean, succinct and informative snapshot of each candidate, to provide key information during their speed interview, but leave a memorable impression for referencing back to post-interview.

  • Hosting: AWS
  • Backend: LAMP technology stack
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Website Creation

Built a landing page integrated with the recruitment CRM, displaying a countdown clock for the next event, and enabling event registration requests from clients and candidates.

  • Backend: Linux, Apache, PHP
  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript